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SLI - Phenomenal Prayer - Spring 2019

SLI - Phenomenal Prayer - Spring 2019

Phenomenal Prayer: Praying Beyond What We See

The prayer of a righteous person produces great results! Yet, when we pray, do we always get what we pray for? Exactly what should we pray? Does God always hear us? How should we pray? Do we truly understand what prayer really is and how to do it effectively? This course answers these questions and many more about prayer and how God moves us from praying based on what we naturally see to praying beyond what we see in order to bring about His results… phenomenally!

Instructor: Katrina Patterson
Recommended Texts: Understanding the Purpose & Power of Prayer: How to Call Heaven to Earth
by Dr. Myles Munroe
"Pray in the Spirit" by Arthur Wallis
[Note: Texts Available for Purchase in CCC’s Brooklyn Campus Book & Gift Shop or from Online Retailers such as or]
Registration Fee: $25 per person
Max Class Size: 30 Students

Class will be held on Sunday Afternoons, 2PM to 4PM, from 3/3 thru 5/5
[Class Schedule Note: Class will NOT be held on 3/24 nor on 4/21]

[Note: Registration Will CLOSE on 2/17 or once desired maximum # of participants is reached, whichever comes first]

5/5/2019 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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